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Julie McLeod is a Professor in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Capability) at the University of Melbourne. Her research is in the history and sociology of education and is guided by a focus on how identities and social possibilities are differentially shaped by school experiences. 

Her work includes qualitative and historical studies of subjectivity, gender and schooling; curriculum history; citizenship, ethics and schooling; progressive and feminist education reform movements; digital scholarship in the social sciences; and genealogies of educational ideas and expert knowledge about adolescence and youth identities. 

Across this work, Julie is interested in methodological and conceptual approaches for researching generational change and the history of educational ideas across time and place. This has led to a recent focus on approaches to historical sociology and questions of temporality in educational research. 

Image: Junior Parliament, Brunswick North Primary School No.3585, c1950s. Photographer unknown, VPRS 14514 P1 Unit 6