Handicrafts 1, no date. Photographer unknown. Public Record Office Victoria, VPRS 14514 P1 Unit 20

Handicrafts 1, no date. Photographer unknown. Public Record Office Victoria, VPRS 14514 P1 Unit 20

Gender & Schooling

Concerns about gender and schooling go in and out of policy favour, as if the issue disappears, or re-appears in different guises. There are equally important questions about the language and concepts engaged to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of schooling and ‘gender’ – as relations, as identity/subjectivity, as a policy category of inequality and disadvantage, as a site of socio-structural contestation, and entangled in material and affective practices, for example. Julie has been involved in a number of projects that address these matters, including commissioned policy research documenting gender-based differences in educational performance and outcomes, policy analysis, and historically informed studies of contemporary theoretical agendas.


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